Trauma Informed Relationships: A Concept

A healthy tree has healthy roots, so does a healthy relationship.


Practical applications of the safety principle in interpersonal relationships are:

Trustworthiness and Transparency

Practical applications of this principle within interpersonal relationships:

Peer Support

Practical applications of Peer Support in interpersonal relationships:

Collaboration and Mutuality

Practical application of Collaboration and Mutuality in interpersonal relationships:

Empowerment, voice, and choice

Practical ways to apply Empowerment, voice, and choice to interpersonal relationships:

Cultural, Historical, and Gender Specific Issues

Some practical applications of awareness of cultural, historical, and gender specific issues in interpersonal relationships:

In a society like America that is full of violence based on race, sex, religion, and economic standing, trauma is almost positively something that will inform and affect the way we relate to one another.

In applying the principles of trauma informed care in our interpersonal relationships, we all stand to become better parents, better partners, better friends, and better humans.



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