The True Followers of Jesus are not Christians

2 min readMay 25, 2020


*This is currently a stub article from a Facebook post I published today. I plan to expand it with facts, figures and sources, but wanted to publish it here as proof this is my thought/praxis since it is already on Facebook and people love to steal my words and thoughts and pretend they imagined them*

I think it’s impossible to be a Christian and a follower of Jesus at the same time.

Jesus- was a bad bitch. Not Jesus, the imagined Christ, but Jesus the person without spookism. Jesus would weep at the imperialistic, spookist cult his followers devolved into and at the “innocent, sweet lamb” they’ve painted him to be.

If you separate Jesus from the legends (virgin birth, resurrection), what you are left with is a revolutionary who was so ahead of his time people could not conceive of him being anything but divine intervention in a fucked up world.

He was anti-organized religion. He was anti-imperialism. He was anti-capitalism. He was pro-woman. He was pro sex worker. He was so selfless giving of himself that people thought it was magic and miracles. He honored the humanity of the lowest rungs of their society and found kinship so strong that people believed he was otherworldly because it was so unlike anyone of his time.

His death wasn’t the fulfillment of some ancient Jewish prophecy- it was a calculated, willful brutal state and religious response to a revolutionary who was organizing against an oppressive religious and imperial state.

When killing him did not kill his message, the Romans co-opted Jesus the same way they co-opted the gods of Greece- to assimilate the cultures enough to stop uprisings. The Romans co-opted Jesus’s legend and turned it into an extension of the same religious and imperial state he died objecting and honestly- that’s one of the most epic works of spin and propaganda the world has ever seen and likely ever will see.

When they co-opted him- they took the legends of Jesus, the legends of other pagan religions, and indigenous African religions and added them to the legend as well and called that book “the Bible” and presented it as God’s divinely inspired truth.

True followers of Jesus are not Christians. They are revolutionaries.




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