An Ode To The “Fast Ass Girls”

2 min readJul 25, 2018


An Ode to “Fast Ass Girls,

Who will be blamed for being born female in this world,

That views them as consumable first and human second.

An Ode to the “Fast Ass Girls

Who were slut shamed before they knew what sex was

Or what a Vagina Does,

…Because Grown Ass men were checkin… for her.

An Ode to the “fast ass girls”

Who were cat called before puberty because

Grown men felt like they could take liberties when you were walking alone.

An Ode to the “fast ass girls

Who didn’t feel safe to tell her momma her “man” was inappropriate

Way before she told you to cover up when he was “home”

An Ode to the “fast ass girls”

Who’s momma tried to beat the “slut” out of her body

Who’s resentment festered in her bruises, a lobby,

A powder keg seeking love.

An Ode to those “fast ass girls”

Who never felt safe at home

Because they wanted love and protection

And only got shame, fear, rejection, and broken bones.

An ode to fast ass girls

Who turned to the streets to fill their voids

And found that the world was an unkind place if you had a void

between your legs

An ode to fast ass girls

Who had a brother who was loved and adored

Who was given freedom to explore

With his bed.

An ode to the fast ass girls

Who have never been protected by the people who claim they shame her to do just that

They never protect, just project

Their own misogyny and heart aches

To the fast ass girls

Who were told they deserved it because they were too loud

Who’s ability to be harmed was denied because they were too strong

Who carried themselves to light in a world denies her space.

An ode to slow ass girls

Who got caught by fast ass men

And stayed quiet

Because they saw how the world treats “Fast ass girls”.

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