America The Unbeautiful; A Poem

Jan 8, 2021


The landscape is lovely, but America ain’t beautiful

Dredd Scott, Plessy, and Ferguson,

Racism makes this America the Institutional

Softer penalties for opioids than crack?

That’s America the pharmaceutical.

Raging pandemic but protests against masks?

That’s America the communicable.

Sieging the capital because Black votes COUNTED?

America the delusional.

Not terrorists because they’re white instead of Arab?

America the inexcusable.

Now watch these racists crawl right back

to America the cubicle.

And cops who were “unprepared for riots”

continue their murders of innocent Black people

America the dutiful

“We’re better than this America!”

Nah, this is America the USUAL.

Leading the world in abject hypocrisy since 1776

America the indisputable.




Pro black. Pro woman. Pro child. I write about and for blackness. I am periodically petty, overly opinionated, and underpaid.