Exactly one week ago today, I went public with the story about how our trademark was being infringed on by three “founders” of a project that is now named “nobeefwanted” on Twitter and Instagram. Here are the lessons that you can learn from what happened; entrepreneurially, ethically, and socially.

Entrepreneurial lessons:

Some of us do it for the culture, others do it for the clout. Learn to discern who is who.

Yesterday, we posted about how a group of Black men (the complicity of the Black women involved is unknown) have consciously conspired to make money off of our name and a concept that we have been building upon for over a year. Today I want to discuss something else- how this is in line with a larger pattern of unethical practices that I’ve been noticing among new black businesses.

The number one thing that is important to me in relation…

Jessica Krug. Rachel Dolezal. Many have taken it upon themselves to absorb Blackness as an identity and while most are caught up in the inherent question of “HOW?”, my mind tends to focus more on the important question of “WHY?”

Professor Jessica Krug, before and after her Blacksformation.

This is my initial hypothesis, it will likely change as I research:

Blackfishing is a form of combining Munchausen’s/ Munchausen’s by Proxy. White women aged 20–40 are the demographic most likely to exhibit extreme symptoms of both of these mental illnesses.

Blackfishing allows them to claim the victimhood aspect of Blackness in relation to white global domination AND be praised…

Recently, Facebook and Twitter have both made headlines for decisions that we made by their executives on policing the language of Donald Trump. Twitter has made the decision to put warnings on some of Trump’s tweets, while Facebook CEO has made the decision not to do so nor fact check political ads and posts- despite Facebook’s Community Standards being clear on calls to violence and hate speech. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, says that he’s “uncomfortable being an arbiter of truth”.

As a Black woman who has been a user of Facebook since I was a sophomore in high school- I…

*This is currently a stub article from a Facebook post I published today. I plan to expand it with facts, figures and sources, but wanted to publish it here as proof this is my thought/praxis since it is already on Facebook and people love to steal my words and thoughts and pretend they imagined them*

I think it’s impossible to be a Christian and a follower of Jesus at the same time.

Jesus- was a bad bitch. Not Jesus, the imagined Christ, but Jesus the person without spookism. …

Viewing “leaked” sex tapes is rape culture.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

In 2014, Mimi Faust, star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (and the patron saint of wronged baby mommas), shook the world when it was announced that she was being “exposed” in a “leaked” sex tape. As someone who had an image that was seemingly in juxtaposition to the “slutty” former sex worker and stripper “Joseline”, a leaked sex tape seemed to be completely out of the realm of possibility for Mimi.

As news spread, interest in the sex tape increased, with millions of people around the world posting on social media asking…

Cyntoia Brown

Cyntoia Brown was just 16 years old when she was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Johnny Mitchell, a 42 year old white man. Mitchell had solicited her for sex. Brown was an adoptee who had run away from her parents and had begun being trafficked by her abusive 24 year old boyfriend, a Black man named Garion McGlothen, also known as “Kut Throat”. McGlothen was murdered just a year later as the result of gang violence by Quartez Hines.

On the day of the murder, Kut Throat allegedly beat Brown then demanded that she…

This analysis is almost entirely exclusive to Pre-Colonial West Africa (the source of the African Diaspora and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade) and some Central African cultures that have remained uncolonized.

It is a paradoxical thing to be Black and a woman in a white patriarchal society. At every turn, we are reminded that women are supposed to be pretty, soft, quiet, submissive, protected, and provided for. Then immediately after, we are reminded that those roles — the standard of femininity — is not for us.

An Ode to “Fast Ass Girls,

Who will be blamed for being born female in this world,

That views them as consumable first and human second.

An Ode to the “Fast Ass Girls

Who were slut shamed before they knew what sex was

Or what a Vagina Does,

…Because Grown Ass men were checkin… for her.

An Ode to the “fast ass girls”

Who were cat called before puberty because

Grown men felt like they could take liberties when you were walking alone.

An Ode to the “fast ass girls

Who didn’t feel safe to tell her momma her “man”…


Pro black. Pro woman. Pro child. I write about and for blackness. I am periodically petty, overly opinionated, and underpaid. https://www.thecookout.club

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